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Netscape Navigator (61)        [ directories at ]
HotJava (8)
Internet Explorer (13)
Lynx (22)
Mosaic (28)
Mozilla (9)
Project X@
Backward Compatibility Viewer   - view any page as any (previous) browser. Great way to see pages without having to see frames.
Mnemonic Project  - a multiplatform browser with an emphasis on modularity, making it possible to easily add new features.
1st Choice Browse98 - for Win 95 and NT. Program looks like Windows Explorer and allows for the transfer of files to and from FTP sites. Browse program displays multiple websites on one screen, while connecting to multiple URLs at once.
A Note About Web Browsers & Privacy
Across the Ocean Account on Browsers and Machines - interpretation of current events in the world of internet clients updated at any major fact occurrence.
Albert - a fullscreen web browser from the University of Florida for IBM 3270 terminals (or emulations) running on IBM VM/CMS operating systems.
Amaya - W3C's testbed browser.
Arachne - graphical WWW browser for DOS compatibale operating systems.
ArcWeb - a WWW Browser for Acorn RISC OS computers
Arena - an HTML3 browser, by w3c
AWeb - non-MUI W3 browser for the Amiga line of home computers. It supports frames, tables, Netscape extensions, and plug-ins.
Browser Survey Characteristics - to give programmers some idea of which browsers are less likely to work with their scripts, and which methods should be avoided outside of a controlled-usage environment.
BrowserWatch - information on the various browsers along with user feedback
CandleWeb - extends the Web with interactive animations. The browser is freely available. We want to make multimedia authoring simpler.
Charlotte (BC Systems) - A fullscreen WWW browser from BC Systems Corporation for 3270 terminals and emulators running on IBM VM/CMS operating systems.
ChiBrow - allows the child to safely explore the Internet.
Chimera - Chimera is a World-Wide Web browser with an X/Athena graphical interface.
Consumer Information Appliance Ontology (Ciao) - initiative to radically integrate and simplify IMAP4 e-mail and web browsing - providing young, elderly, and semi-literate users easy access to the Internet.
Custom Browser - shareware allows customizable toolbars and hyperlinks.
Dancer - a modularized WWW client written in Python
Galahad for BIX - Windows program to access BIX and browse the Web
Grail - written and extensible in Python and Tk
How to Make Your Browser Lie Like a Rug
I-Comm - does not require any kind of SLIP/PPP connections. Requires Windows, a modem and an Internet Shell, VAX, or Freenet account.
I-View - Designed specially for HTML authors, Internet & CD-ROM publishers, I-View is a small (about 400K, 160K after zip) full feature off-line HTML browser.
i3D: A High Speed 3D Scene Browser
Ibrowse - Amiga browser supporting HTML3 and Netscape extensions.
Internet In A Box (SPRY)
Internet WorkHorse (MarketNet)
JoZilla - project with the goal of developing an independant, open source code, 100% Pure Java Internet resource browser.
Juggler - amiga web browser.
Mathbrowser (MathSoft, Inc.) - can view Mathcad documents as well as standard Web documents
MidasWWW - A Motif/X based WWW browser.
MMM - implemented in Caml Light using the CamlTk4 library.
MSIE Spoofing - how to make Netscape look like Internet Explorer.
OLIAS - On-Line Information Access System (HaL) - Browser from HaL Computer Systems that provides seamless access to both SGML documents and World Wide Web documents.
OmniWeb - OmniWeb is our World-Wide Web browser for NEXTSTEP.
Opera (Opera Software)
Prospector (MicroTouch Systems) - "public-friendly" browser that allows sites to be easily navigated with a touchscreen.
Prowler - web browser by Webkeys for children uses a Virtual V-Chip to block adult content, and offers a directory of kids' sites.
Pythia (Lanark Technologies)
Quickscape Inc. - thin Java browser designed to work together with Netscape or Microsoft browsers.
Samba - Macintosh browser
Sax Webster Control - custom control the browses the Web
SlipKnot - a Windows-based graphical WWW browser which does NOT require SLIP or PPP or TCP/IP.
SPIN - a graphic HTML-browser/editor for MS-DOS.
Surf Monkey - web browser and online service designed for kids.
SurfIt! - Tcl/Tk based browser
Terrapin Internet Software - producers of Terrapin FTP Browser and Terrapin Postbox (SMTP/POP3 interface).
TreeLink - TreeLink draws a hypergraph of links starting at a html-document. a hypergraph is a graphical representation of hypertext-links reachable from a given url.
UdiWWW - an HTML3 browser
Video On Line Browser - multi language browser for PC and Mac
Viewer Test Page - a MIME test home page to allow users to setup and test their external viewers (for MPEG, PS, PDF, MA, TIFF, TSV, HTML, AIFF, AU, JPEG, GIF, QT, TXT, CHEM, VRML, etc). There are also links to the external viewers for PCs, MACs, and UNIX systems.
Voyager - MUI-based W3 browser for the Amiga line of home computers. It supports frames, tables, and nearly all the Netscape extensions. Also supports plug-ins.
W3A -- WWW Applets API - a way in which capabilities (in the form of software modules) can be added to World-Wide Web browsers.
W3C Line Mode Browser - Cross platform, text based Web client. Working example for W3C Reference Library. Good for automated document fetching.
Web Show - the video browser module of the Web Video Lab, an experimental system for handling and distributing video over the World Wide Web.
Web-On-Call Voice Browser - access Web documents via the phone
WebCopy - Retrieves remote files using the HTTP protocol. It can recurse HTML docs. Requires 'perl'.
WebRouser (Ẹlas)
WWWinda: An Orchestration Service for WWW Browsers and Accessories

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