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Academic Program for Java - IBM resource for Java educators and students.
All Things Java - discussion of subtle technical issues of the Java language.
Apple Flavored Java - dedicated to the Java language on the Macintosh platform. Contains information, Mac-specific resources, and sample applets.
Ask the Java Pro - a free service by providing technical tips on Java. Userscan request techncial advice from a Java expert.
Cafe Java - scripts and applets available.
Caffeine Buzz - Java news and information.
Digital Cats - bilingual (Japanese and English) development resource center. Provides regularly updated news and feature articles along with a searchable database of applets, tools and source code.
Dread's Programming
Himanshu Patni's Java Page
Inside Java - provides a list of Java advanced examples, articles, tutorials, news and developments.
Java Boutique
Java Centre, The - Java applets, Java developers, Java news. Java events, Java links.
Java Developer's Page, A
Java Dream Team - competition team in SUNY Stony Brook, founded with inspiration and destination.
Java Grande - workshops and forum to set standards and establish community consensus for evolution of Java Grande to extend the usability of the environment.
Java Italian Site - Italian Java registry; collection of applets, programmers, information and links; (in Italian and English).
Java URN - Java User Resource Network - A complete Java resource providing news, information, applets and software for the Java Community.
Java: Programming for the Internet - Sun's Java Page
Javable Sergius Page - promotes Java through sharing resources.
JPython - implementation of the Python programming language designed to run on SUN's Java Platform.
Mark Newbold's Java Stuff
MK's Java Page
OpenDoc for Java - OpenDoc would enhance the Java environment considerably. Sun is quietly considering this integration (now "most requested feature" for Java). Find out more & register your support.
Pause-Java - French Java site, which includes explanations, book and kits reviews, a chat applet, etc.
Sun Mirosystems Java Name Battle
Sun's Java page
SYS-CON Interactive - a source or daily interactive JAVA information.

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