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Collection of Applications for BASIC Stamps
IR Remote Control Coding Information
Infared remote Resources [link]
IR Standard Codes
Documentation for SR&D MCR-175-1R-0803 mag stripe card reader
List of Electronic Component Suppliers
Electrical Engineering Acronyms
Lexicon of Semiconductor Terms - Harris Semiconductor
Andy's PIC project page
Smith Chart - Postscript
Matlab Primer - Postscript
PIC Microcontroller source list
VHDL Reference Pages
Connector Pinouts for many connectors
Don's Xenon Flash Resource [LINK]

Electronics Information/Tutorials

Basic Circuit Theory Tutorial [LINK at Internation Rectifer]
Electronic Component Handling Precautions [Sharp, Japan link]
Design Checklist
Collection of Design Notes from Tony Goodloe
List of Capacitor type qualities
List of wire AWG ratings
How to read Transistor Markings
VXI/MXI Bus Tutorial [Ron Wolfe]
Mentor Graphics Tools Tutorials [Auburn]
Cadence Tutorials [N.C. State U]
Controlling of Stepper Motors [LINK]
VHDL Tutorial [LINK]
List of Surface Mount Transistor/Diode Codes

Computer Related

Computer Monitor Database
Guide to Computer/Software Vendors
Interfacing the IBM PC Parallel Port
SIMM Pinouts
Assembly Language Tutorial 
Processor Benchmarks
Information on controlling motors with a computer [LINK]
Using Disk drive motor for projects

Audio/Video Information

LaserDisk FAQ
The Speaker Design Page [Pedersen]
The Subwoofer page [LINK]
Speaker Building Page [LINKS]
Digital Audio Papers [Hicks]
Ambisonic Surround Sound Info
THX Information [THX.COM]
Analog Heaven Mailing List Archives

FM-10 Information

Design notes for FM-10 FM Transmitter
A 25-200MHz / 8-45W AMP design
3 Meter Slim-Jim Antenna
Schematics for FM-10 stuff: audio mixer, mic preamp, and test tone generator

Caller ID Information

USENET Thread on CallerID
PROCOMM Aspect script file to do CallerID
Frequently Asked Questions File
Caller ID Specifications

Frequently Asked Question Documents

Battery Motors and Controllers FAQ [LINK]
Electric Motor FAQ [LINK]
Telephone Tone Dialing FAQ
Everything you ever wanted to know about LCDs
Another LCD Faq
All about making Guitar Effect circuits
68hc11 Microcontroller FAQ
Unusual Diode FAQ [link]
Stepper Motor FAQ [link]

Online Journals and Papers

EE Times Interactive
Circuit Theory Laboratory Publications - Helsinki University of Technology
THE INSTITUTE - The newspaper of the IEEE
Electronic House: Magazine of Home Automation
CEBus Industry Council - standards
EDN Access
Test Engineering Papers
PA1.1 Risc Architecture book
Chiptalk Online Magazine


Analog Devices Models - Univ. of Alberta.
Texas Instruments Models - Univ. of Alberta.
National Semiconductor Op-amp Models (735k)
Elantec Parts: Elantec Spice models
Harris Semiconductor Models - Univ. Alberta
Linear Technologies Models - Univ Alberta
Burr-Brown Models - Univ Alberta

List of Lists

EECA Corporation list 
Schools [LINK]

Electronics Repair Sites

Consumer Electronics repair documents [filipg]
Electronic Repair Center
The Rework and Repair Exhange 

Microprocessor/Microcontroller Sites

Chiplist for Processor chipsets
8 Bit Microcontroller Compendium
MISC Processor page [Minimal Instruction Set Computer]
The Actual Size Processor Page
The Chips List [Aad Offerman]
The CPU Info Center [Berkeley]
INTEL Secrets Page [Robert Collins]
8051 Microcontroller Resource Links
68HC11 Resource Links
MIT 6811 Handy-Board
80C166 FAQ
PIC Family Resource Links

VHDL Sites

Doulos VHDL Information Page (VHDL tips and models)
VHDL International

Component Data Sheets/Reference Sites

CPU Info Center
The Databook shelf
Chip Directory
ADI Accelerometers

Governmental Agency Sites

NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASA - Ames, Ames Research Center
NASA - Johnson Space Center
NASA - Langly Research Center
NASA - Tech. Reports Server
NSF - The National Science Foundation

Standards Organizations

NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology
NIST - EEEL; Nat. Institute of Stand. & Tech. - Electronics and EE Lab
ISO - International Organization for Standardization

Electrical Engineering Related Institutions/Societies

Audio Engineering Society
EPRI - The Electric Power Research Institute
EFF - The Electronic Frontier Foundation
IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IEE - Institution of Electrical Engineers
SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
OSA - Optical Society of America

EE Related Laboratories

LBL - Lawrence Berkley Laboratory
LLNL - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Stanford's Nanofab lab
BEAST project at Bucknell

Miscellaneous Sites

BestTest - offers testing solutions
Canadian Engineering Network
Circuit World
WWW Computer Architecture Page [Wisconsin]
The EE Shop
The Engineer's Club
Hardware Web
ICE - Internet Connections for Engineering
The Semiconductor Subway
Telecommunications Library
@ Work! --Index of Buyers Guides (Including Electronics) on the Internet
II-VI Semiconductors
ATX --New x86 Motherboard Form Factor
Chip Directory --A Comprehensive List of Chips and Manufacturers
EE and CS Graduate School Rankings --From Gourman and U.S. News & World Report
Electrical Engineering Circuits Archive
ElectricNet --Directory, Buyer's Guide and Resource Locator for Electrical Power Industry
The Electronics Pages --Datasheets and Information about the I2C Bus
EMLIB --Source for Everything Related to Electromagnetics
The Engineers Club --Virtual Gathering Place for Engineers and Scientists
Glossary of Terms Used in the EE Times
Gourman Rankings of Undergraduate EE Programs
How Semiconductors are Made
I20 (Intelligent I/O) Special Interest Group
Info for Grad Students in CS
IW3GKO --Communications Info for Venice, Italy (In Italian)
JWT Specialized Communications Ranking of EE Graduate and Undergraduate Programs
Lexicon of Semiconductor Terms
Minds Online --Provide and Get Engineering Applications Help
Nonintrusive Appliance Load Monitoring Information Site
PCI Special Interest Group
Questlink Technology --Index and Cross Reference of Integrated Circuits and Semiconductors
Reliability Engineering Home Document
RF Globalnet --RF/Microwave and Wireless Engineering and Business Center FAQ --Diagnosis, Repair, and Information Guides to Electronic Appliances
SPEC Benchmarks --General SPEC Benchmark Information
STD 32 --STD 32 Industrial Embedded Computer Site
TechCalendar --Comprehensive Guide to Technical Conferences, Seminars, and Shows
Technical Data Systems --Technical Specs for More Than 70,000 Electronic Components
Universal Serial Bus --Replacement for RS-232
U.S. News and World Report Rankings of Undergraduate Engineering Schools
Verilog/EDA Hints --Celia Clause's Synthesis Hints, Verilog Examples, and Perl Scripts
Video Terminal Info
View from Internet Valley --Top 100 Mags, Top 100 Computer Vendors, Silicon Valley and Internet History

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